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Fees & Charges

Standard Tariff charges:


 1.1 NRB/Other Bank Cheque issuance NPR 500/- flat (Free in case of payment to be made by Bank itself)
 1.2 Stop Payments NPR 200/- per instruction for same Branch's account
 1.3 Standing Instrustions NPR 300/- per instruction (on request of customer)
 1.4 Cheques certified "Good for Payement" NPR 200/- or 0.10% of face value per Cheque, whichever is higher.
 1.5 Cancellation "Good for Payement" NPR 250/- per Instrument (Original Cheque to be returned for GFP cancellation)
 1.6 Cheques returned (Due to insufficient balance only) NPR 250/- per cheque for both over the counter and clearing cheque return
 1.7 Issuance of balance certificate NPR 500/- per certificate , NPR 50/- per additional certificate
 1.8 Cheque Book Issuance (Fresh) Free.
 1.9 Cheque Book Issuance against lost book Cheque Book NPR 300/-
 1.10 Charge for uncollected Cheque Book NPR 100/- per cheque leaf (If on request of customer)
 1.11 Single Cheque leaf Print (Counter Cheque) NPR 100/- per cheque leaf (If on request of customer)
 1.12 Reprint of Account Statement NPR 50/- per page
 1.13 Duplicate FD Certificate NPR 500/- (Approval required from CEO/COO)
 1.14 Enquiry related to old records (more than 2 years) NPR 100/- per enquiry
 1.15 No Due Certificate NPR 500/- per certificate
 1.16 Managers Cheque Issuance (Issues only to our customer) 0.10% of amount issued or NPR 200/-, whichever is higher.


a) Inward and Outward


b) Fax transfer (within our         branches)


a)Commission to be received separately as per  agreement with Remittance companies.


b) 0.10% or NPR 100 per transaction, whichever is higher.

 1.18 Transfer of fund to other BFIs 0.10% or NPR 500/- per transaction, whichever is higher.
 1.19 Clean Bill Purchase/Discounting. (subject to limit/approval) 0.05% of face value per day till realizaion by clearing/collection or NPR 500/-, whichever is higher.
 1.20 Returned Instrument (Purchased cheque) Interest to be recovered on outstanding amount @prevailing highest published rate on loan a/c from the date of instrument purchased (plus other charges incurred, if any)
 1.21 Issuance of Advance payment certificate NPR 300/- per certificate
 1.22 FD Liquidation (Pre-mature)

 1) No Interest to be paid if it is liquidated within less than 3 months.

2) If it is more than 3 months than interest to be paid by applying either coupon rate of prevailing published interest rate whichever is low, less 2% penalty for the actual period of FD held with the Bank.


Postal Charges:

1.Collection of Clean Bills

2.Others (Documents)


Within Nepal:NPR 150/- per transaction or on actual basis,

whichever is higher.


Collection Charge:

1.Collection charges NPR Cheque

2.Cheque Collection outside Nepal





1. 0.10% of the amount of cheque/draft with a min. of NPR 200 plus applicable postage charge

2. 0.15% of face value or NPR 500/- whichever is higher plus postal charge.

3. As per the charge taken from NCHL to banks for clearing proposed.



 1.25 Cross Branch cheque Printing NPR 300/- (Advised to issue only 5 leaves at one time per personal a/c and 10 leaves per Corporate a/c normally )
 2.1 Bid Bond 0.25% per quarter or minimus NPR 1000/- per quarter, whichever is higher
 2.2 Performance Bond 0.35% per quarter or min NPR 1000/- per quarter, whichever is higher
 2.3 Advance Payment Guarantee 0.45% per quarter or min NPR 1000/- per quarter, whichever is higher
 2.4 Supplier Credit Guarantee 0.45% per quarter or min NPR 1000/- per quarter, whichever is higher
 2.5 Amendment not affecting value or validity NPR 750/- flat
 2.6 Amendment affecting value & validity The same rate as fresh issuance
 2.7 Guarantee Cancellation (Before Expiry) No charge
 2.8 Claim Handling Charge NPR 2000/- per claim handle
 2.9 Cash Margin As per approval
 3.1 Credit inquiries by other BFIs NPR 200/- per enquiry

CICL Charge and Black listing/delisting charge.

Interbank CIB Query charge



On actual basis


NPR 250/-




Commitment Fee (Term Finance)

Commitment Fee (Working Capital Finance)

1% of the unutilized amount if loan Not utilized for minimum of 50% of sanctioned loan in average
 3.4 Prepayment Charge Up to 1.5% of prepaid principal amount for term/installment loans.
 3.5 Loan Processing Fee 1-25% of loan limit with min of NPR 2000 to be paid up front.
 3.6 Loan Renewal Fee At least 0.50% to 1% of the limit renewed.
 3.7 Public Notice Publish Charge (both for Credit and Deposit) On actual basis
 3.8 Loan Swap Charge 1-2% of Loan Outstanding
 3.9  Follow up Charge As per actual in case legal action. 
 3.10 Loan (Principal) Penal Interest 2% p.a. on overdue principal.
 3.11 Penal Interest on Interest Annual 2% on overdue amount from due date.
 3.12 Collateral/Project/Business Inspection

For local units/Consortium Loan : NA

For outstation units: On actual basis

 3.13 Collateral Replacement/Partial Collateral Release Charge NA
 3.14 Interest on other receivable/Force Loan (Force Insurance/others) Highest publish rate
 3.15 Account with overdue Interest/Installment As per the approval
 3.16 Non Performing/ Provisioned Accounts As per the approval
 4.1 Credit return (Refer to drawer) Free (Staff should not issue cheques without balance)
 4.2 Cheque collection Actual cost only.
 4.3 Communication (Telex, SWIFT, Telephone, fax, courier, Postage etc.) Actual cost only.
 4.4 Issuance of bank Guarantees, Bid-bond, Performance Bond. 1.2% pa (0.30%per quarter) per month NPR 500 min, NPR 1000 Cash marigin at least 10% of total amount if no collateral security.

Above Charges/concessions are applicable strictly for personal transaction of staff members and their immediate family members i.e. spouse and children.



1. Alterations or concession or waiver to the above tariff may be made only under the signature of the CEO or person delegated by him.

2.Any other service charges which may applicable to the services provided by the Bank and which have not been covered by this document will be decided by CEO in his absence, his alternate.